Monday, February 2, 2009

It`s back!!!

... both my motivation and the snow!!!
Last week has been a hard one. Trying to stay motivated to ski without any new snow.

The storm that was forecasted for Utah has rolled in down there leaving around 35in. But beside this storm, there was nothing on the long term forecast. I figure it didn`t worth the 3000km...

The snow around Rogers was still really nice on the north and east aspect... not deep, but nice. There was some snow on the forecast so I decided to stay around Rogers to ski. I have been skiing pretty much every day in different areas.

Instead of skiing my myself, I have been hooking up with different people to ski. I even meet Mat, one of my friend from Fernie and skied with him.

Taking pictures of myself while skiing has been an interesting experience, but has not given much interesting results.
The snow started to fall in Rogers around the 27th since then, more than 60cm have hitted the pass.

JS, Nic, Ben and Etienne got to Revelstoke on the 30th. They`ll be skiing with me for around 10 days.

The avalanche danger has risen and it is now really interesting to ski in the backcountry.

The weather is supposed to get warm in the next days, but more snow is on the way.

So I guess that the skiing will be really good in the next days!

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Alexis Lussier Desbiens said...

Belle photo Nick!! Amusez-vous les gars!!!