Friday, January 23, 2009

Waiting time

Since the last post, we skied one more day around Teton Pass under another blue bird day.

Since it has been over a week since the last storm and that the Jet Stream was way up in the Artic and supposed to go down, we decided to keep going North towards BC. So we left the TETONS...
On our way up, we were invited to check out Whitefish Resort in Montana.It is a really nice resort that was featuring the nicest inversion I have ever seen with an ocean of clouds settling at mid-mountain.There was even some mirage!!! (

The snow was softening in the afternoon leaving a nicespring-like conditions to ski on south facing slopes.

On our way up, we stopped in Fernie to see some longtime friends. After talking with Mat, one of our friends working at the patrol who told us couple of different ugly stories about this year avalanche control, I decided it was not going to be one of the places that we will be doing some backcountry this winter! On Tuesday, we drove up to Calgary, where Amelie has to take a plane to go back. I took my first real day off skiing since the beginning of the trip.

After some shopping, I headed towards Roger's Pass. The last storm that hit Roger's was on January 10th but I was lucky enough to get the permit openings just when I got there. That means that some areas have been close since then because of the Avy danger. What is laying here is not any kind of epic skiing conditions, but rather 20-30cm of soft snow sitting on more firm snow. Not great but probably the best you can get at this time!

There has been a storm lately in California that is making is way to Utah (5-10in forecast). I will see if it worth driving back. I will I might just wait a little bit before driving...
(Here's the forecast for Roger's Pass)

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