Sunday, January 4, 2009

Here we go again!!!

So it’s back. That time of the year when you gotta quit everything to go skiing.
Alexis’ knee has been repaired through surgery and he spent most of the summer doing physio. He also used his spare time to build his first skis that will probably be super nice to skis.

I did spend the summer paddling around Quebec, BC and the Northern States. But now, I’m back for a full winter of Snowchasing.
This winter is going to be different from last year since I won’t be skiing with Alexis for the whole winter because his knee is not strong enough to handle 8 days of skiing per week. I will be first joined by Amelie for the first three weeks, than I will meet some friends for around 10 days of skiing in BC, than I will meet my dad for a full 2 weeks in Japan and than…. I’ll see!

We quit Quebec for another drive towards the mountain. After debating about starting the journey in BC or Utah, we finally chose the last option. For this winter, we bought a nice Ford Escrotte 1997.
Hope Amelie will not ditch this one like two years ago in Colorado with my old Escrotte .

We set up a bed in the back to be able to cross fast but we had to stop a little bit past Toronto cause of the road conditions.
Besides this forced nap, it has been a fairly normal traverse: drive, stop for gas, change driver, sleep, drive-eat…

We spent the New Year’s Eve driving across Nebraska! Can’t be more exciting!!!

We spent our first day of skiing around Grizzly Gulch in the backcountry of Little Cottonwood Canyon. The snow wasn’t that deep, the conditions weren’t that great but it was really good to be back.

Today we got our first dump, 9 inches, we took advantage of this to ski Solitude, apart from the slow and forever breaking chair, the ski was nice and the sun was out! Honeycomb canyon was open, leaving us plenty of fresh powder.

We’ll see how things work out. If the snow doesn’t show up (we had 9 instead of the 12-14in forecasted) than will move towards some more powdery land!!!!

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Yeah... It's nice to see you guys back in business!!!