My name is Evans Parent and I'm originally from La Tuque, Québec, Canada.

I started skiing when I was 2.
After racing for 6 years on the Ice Coast, I switched to telemark when I was 16 looking for a new challenge.
When I graduated from school in 2005, we packed my 15 years old Subaru Loyale and headed west for what was supposed to be my 'only' chance to really ski the famous British Columbia powder!
Two of my friends were not hard to convince and we travelled in around BC and realized it was just too hard just to sit in one place and to wait for the snow.

We would travel in our car, camp in it live in it and ski either the backcountry or the resorts which ever were the best option.
We also realize that it would also be way too hard not to do it again!
We started writing the blog on our third winter roadtripping across North America!

After roadtriping around most of the major ski destinations around North America, the SnowChasers went worldwide: Japan, India, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Georgia, Norway and hopefully way more destinations to come!

Hope you enjoy the website and my own personnal powder adventure!

You can reach me at thesnowchaser at gmail dot com


pauline said...

Salut Evans,
Bien sympa ton blog, de belles destinations, de belles photos...Ravie d avoir fait votre connaissance, n hesitez pas si vous repassez sur le vercors, vous etes les bienvenus !
Pauline. ingoldpauline@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Salut Evans...now you have a new challenge...you have to make a trip to the Catalan Pyrenees. Good Job in you blog!