Saturday, January 17, 2009

Damn high pressure ridge…

High pressure ridge are really hard to go through as a skibum.

These are the kind of days that you should be doing laundry, clean stuff, do grocery, go on the internet and check random stuff around. But when they last more than 24h, you just figure it is just about to change… Then you realize it is going to be one of those North American high ridge that is going to settle from Arizona to Alaska….

What does that mean: wait for new snow, ski north facing stuff, hang around and meet Jimmy again!

This year makes things really worst: crappy avy conditions. It does stop you from making big tour on high pressure systems, stop you from wanting to move around to a better place since there isn’t a better place to move to get better skiing….

Actually, since the last storm in Brighton, I’ve been celebrating my birthday dinner in the parking lot enjoying one of this such incredible spaghetti and tomato sauce during sunset, skiing the backcountry a little bit around the Wasatch and figuring we were tired of looking for a spot that didn’t have any rain crust and/or sun crust and/or wind crust…

Since Utah was supposed to be dry and that there was more than 7inches following a 12in storm in Wyoming, we decided to move to the TETONS.

God bless the TETONS… I always have the feelings that I don’t spend enough time in the TETONS... (for those who haven’t pick it up yet, TETONS directly translate to TITS in French, so I guest you can figure it’s funny to hear about the GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK!!)

So we moved on the 12th and had some really good turns: no any kind of crust!!! It really felt good to be turning around some good snow again….

Since we were pretty close from the last storm, we decided to check out Grand Targhee, with a 2 for 1 from The resort was pretty tracked out, be there was still some good turns to put in there.

Luckily enough, we ran into Dan Hays, a guy we met 2 years ago paddling in the Northern States while whitewater kayaking!!! He invited us to stay at is place with is really cool roommates!!! We made Victor our homebase for our next days and we decided to stay around the Tetons more than expected!

Jarred, invited us to a day of sled skiing around a drainage near home. Even if it hadn’t snowed for some times, it was still pretty nice on the north facing faces and hooked some nice cornices.

Actually, it is the way it has been for the last day… ski the north facing stuff like and trying to make some good pictures…. For you that don’t understand, it means skiing into the shade and trying to take some picture that will sill have some light in it!

So we have been spending the last days, couch surfing at Dan’s place, skiing Teton Pass or around, cooking salad ( yes, we putted a vegetable in our diet!), burgers and tacos (yes, we sometimes eat different stuff than spaghetti and tomato sauce!!!) and hoping that there will going to call for some snow somewhere… but they don’t.

For all of you in Quebec that are now living in -40 degrees temperatures, pray for snow!!!!

Now gone skiing towards Montana!!!


Alexis Lussier Desbiens said...

Je vois que vous avez fait du shopping... nouveau manteau orange pour Amé, des pants Marmot pour Evans. Décidément ces hautes pressions ça crée de mauvaises habitudes! ;-)

Kneester said...

Looks like you guys are making the most of the high pressure. Where are you heading in Montana? If you make it up towards Missoula ( you should shoot me an email and I'll show you around. There is some great sidecountry here.

evans parent said...

Damn... I just get your invitation, but I'm now in Calgary. I may get back down in MT, if so, I'll get in touch with you!

Can you send me your email!