Monday, February 9, 2009

Good times!

Last week as been a pretty cool one.

Beside the lack of new snow, we did enjoy some nice run that are hidding a lot of nice powder.
Skiing with some friends around one of the nicest backcountry area in Canada is always really cool. And being able to do it again this winter was bringing a lot of excitement to everyone.

We skied all around the Pass and did enjoyed some nice powder. (Hermit, Avalanche, Glacier Crest, Lilly Traverse, Teddy Bear trees).

Etienne has been able to get his first turn in the backcountry and I was stoked to be able to show him around.

The week as been pretty mellow: skiing, drinking beer, poaching hot tub, camping... and ski golfing!

I think we did the best skiing possible considering the conditions.

We were told today at the Roger`s Pass Center that almost half the good skiing area (Ross, Shaughnessy, Smart, Fortitude) will be close for this season and maybe permanently because of an issue of trespassing on CP properties.

Park Canada will be looking for some way to get those areas open in the future. I’ll keep you updated with the forecoming information.

Today has been en exhausting one, after skiing a quick run, we drove to Vancouver, had a last dinner with the boys and packing my stuff.

I’ll be taking the plane to Japan tomorrow we’ll (my dad and I) be around Hokkaido from the 9th until the 26th.

Some interesting stories are up to come!!!


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Anonymous said...

Closed is better. Just means no one else will shred it!