Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It finally turn to r@!% but ...!!!

... 20cm of new snow ruin by the r@!%...
We didn't ski that day, we walk around Niseko and spend most of the day touristing around.

After one day without skiing, it was enough so we headed out to Rusutsu resort about 30min from Niseko. That resort has some nice terrain that was mostly cover by a hard crust call ice...
The view was nice, but after spending an afternoon skiing on shear ice we headed back home to drink some beer...

We weren't too worried about the conditions because they were forecasting snow for most of the week. Well, we didn't have to wait much because on Monday morning, we woked up to 25+cm of new snow!
We headed straight to Niseko Village which is boasting the best terrain around. It was a really good choice!!!

Since it was really windy and really cold there wasn't much skier on the mountain. Plus, it kept snowing all day!

We skied until we weren't able to ski anymore...
To get some fresh legs, we went to a nearby "Onsen". It is pretty much like a hot tube but with a much more complicated routine before jumping in the water. The water is flowing naturally at just the perfectly (really) warm temperature.

With some new legs, we were all set to face another big day of skiing. With more than 65cm in two days, the conditions were getting really good.

We even had some blue sky for some times but then it started snowing again...

We skied non-stop from 8h30 until 15h00 enjoying some of the terrain that was not open the day before because it was too windy.

The weather around Niseko is really unstable. It can be snowing really hard and 5 minutes later, you have a blue sky and then 15 minutes after, it is snowing again.

At the time of writing, it is still snowing hard outside, but I can't be sure it's gonna last all night.


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