Monday, January 9, 2012

Kick-off of the 2012 snowchasing season!

Seems like 'real' life start catching a bit on me! Various obligations has delayed this year start the latest since I started snowchasing 7 winters ago. A real busy fall both at work and at school have combined for my most out-of-shape early season ever... To help things up, the warm temperatures brought in the Northeast by La Nina has brought some really bad early season skiing conditions in Quebec cutting a bit my motivation to train... Goodies from the sponsors did get me a bit more pumped up at my upcoming season but it still didn't put me in decent shape....

Nevertheless, I finally catch a plane with Amelie today that would get us to Vancouver. I will stay around BC and Washington for about 3 weeks depending on the precipitation. I am quite stoked to be back after not skiing in North America for 2 years. Revisiting some of my favourite area and trying to explore new spots are on the plan.

Following this journey, I will catch a plane to Kyrgyzstan where I will be joined by my dad for a three weeks trip. This ex-soviet republic is surrounded by China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and more than 60% of his landscape got mountain over 3000m! This should be quite an experience and I am really looking forward at this stretch of my winter!

On the way back from Central Asia, we'll stop for about 2 weeks in Europe for another little roadtrip depending where the snow will be. The only thing sure for now is where we are landing and departing.

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If everything goes well, this will get me to the last stretch of my winter to Alaska where I will be first joined again by Amelie for the first two weeks for a roadtrip around Anchorage. The 2 last weeks are still a bit uncertain, but a final plan is getting prepared with Babiche somewhere between Anchorage and Cordova.

Kicking off another world tour!
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Terophoto said...

Sounds awesome! Looking forward to the reports!