Tuesday, January 24, 2012

From Roger's Pass back to Vancouver

As according to the plan, we stayed around Roger's Pass since the powder was soooooooooo nice and light!

We again teamed up with Piet to go towards Hermitt area to ski some fairly steep and nice powder.

This is quite a classic run and one of my Roger's Pass favourite so I was pretty stoked to head back this way.

As we expected, the run was steep and deep.

After a final night staying in our car up at the Pass, we now went for one of Amelie's favourite: Teddy Bear.

The 20-30cm that have fallen in the past days haven't been skied and we really had fun. 

We only had one lap since we were going to a family dinner with my cousin that are living in Kelowna. 

After having a lot of fun we had to tackle the road to drive back to Vancouver from where she was flying at 8h30 the following morning. We really had some crappy weather and what is usually a 3-4 hours turned into a 6 hours drive. 

We finally arrived in Vancouver at 3h30AM. We stopped at a gas station from where Amelie packed her gear. At 4h30AM we totally collapsed in the car for a 2 hours nap. 

I finally dropped her at the airport at 6h30 and after a short nap, I headed to the local mountain of Cypress with my friend JS that lives in Vancouver since some new snow has just fallen overnight. 

This mountain is located about 20minutes from town and while having a small size resort atmosphere certainly has a really nice and gnarly backcountry that certainly please the locals when the snowpack is nice. 

Unfortunately for us, the warm temperature from the past days has created a really hard crust keeping us inbound.

Etienne and Nic, two of my friends are arriving tomorrow night to join me and JS for a little roadtrip. There is a huge system coming around Mt Baker in Washington state and it looks that it might be our next stop.


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