Thursday, April 7, 2011

6th season wrap-up

Under a not so great sky, we spend our last day visiting the beautiful city of Budapest.


We packed everything and from the camper and went back to drop our ride.
There, we had the not so great surprise to be welcome with an invoice of over 500 euros for the repair of our previous rental.... Considering there was only a light to change (hard snowbank!), it was really overprice! We argue for hours, but since they had a deposit there wasn't much we were able to deal! We finally cut it off since our plane was leaving in only and hour or so!

What seem a great deal at the beginning turns out to be a real rip-off and I don't think you want to deal with If you do, make sure you don't give them a too big deposit.... Anyway, we are in the process of trying to settle this out, but there isn't much hope from this side of the ocean! Damn, Hugarians!

The flight went flawlessly and after 82 days on this epic journey, 14 different planes, about 80 hours spend sitting in different planes, visiting/passing through 15 countries, skiing in 9 countries, driving over 6000km, I was finally back home (and a bit drunk from the open bar on the flight!).
Even if I have only been able to nail down about 63 days on the snow (this is an all-time low!!!), the experience was better than what I was expected. Having been able to have a real travel experience while being able to ski most of the time was quite a thrill that I think more people should try! To be able to get a taste (or at least a glimpse) of the local culture is really cool and I think made me love skiing even more! I am even more lucky to have been able to share this epic journey with people that I really care about and that are important to me.

It's been over a week that I am back home and I have been fairly buzy shovelling my car out of the snowbank, watching TV and drinking beer with my non ski-travelling-friends.

It seems like I will be able to have a job allowing me to take the 2012 season off again! I'm really stoke about that and I think I will start planning right now! I can't be sure, but I will certainly try to have some kind of international plan again!

Hope you have liked the 2011 edition and I am really looking forward to entertain you again next winter!

Have a end of the season for the lucky of you that are having a longer season that us in Quebec! I am starting my whitewater season tomorrow!


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Joël Fafard said...

Salut Evans,

J'ai suivi ton blog cet hiver et c'est toujours intéressant de te lire. Tu prends des tonnes de bonnes photos. Merci et félicitations.

Moi je serai probablement toujours dans le coin de Revelstoke l'hiver prochain si tu passes par là, mais j'ai l'impression que les chances sont minces!

Au plaisir, Joël.