Sunday, March 8, 2009

The wet coast....

It's a conspiracy!!! The wet coast don't want me to ski..
After a late start, we headed to the backcountry of Mt. Baker.
The snow from the previous storm was pretty packted but there was still some really good turns to do. We were both really impress about how big the backcountry out there is nice, steep and big!

After enjoying two really good runs, we car-camped in the parking lot since some more snow was forecasted overnight.

The snow did fall into a much more wet state call rain...
After some shopping, we left Baker to head back to Vancouver without skiing


I then planned to go to Whistler since they mostly received snow and no rain but when I checked the weather report, I figured it would be really warm and the snow would be too heavy and wet for the powder princess that I am.

After spending a day shopping to get some motivation in Vancouver, I left to go towards Steven's Pass to do some night skiing with some discounted lift tickets. I arrived just in time for the beginning of the night skiing than I realize the night skiing stopped two days ago.... So no skiing for me today!

So I kept driving to go closer to Crystal Mountain which is the biggest ski resort in Washington state. I was about 18 miles from the resort when I figured the road I intended to go was..... closed. That mean a 3 hours + drive to get to the mountain.

The drive totally worth it! That mountain is REALLY a good place to ski.
With a lot of steep chutes and tree skiing I now have a new favorite mountain in Washington state. They received a bit more than 9in overnight so the conditions were aaaawesome.
The resort hooked me up with some of their guide so I can really enjoy the mountain at is best.

We skied all the best stuff and even checked the slackcountry (... with a prearranged pick up at the bottom of the run!!) I hurt my back a little bit on one of the run, but it was so good that I kept skiing.

After trying to ice up my back by eating 1.5liters of ice cream, I had to realize it wasn't really working so I started to eat some ibuprofen...

With some more snow on the forecast, I really wished I would be able to spend some more time here, but I had to keep driving to get closer to California where I was to hook up with Babiche!

So I did get close to Mt. Hood and was really up to check out Timberline Lodge. Well, now it's the wind that are closing all the good lifts at this resort... Since my back was still hurting and I pretty much only had blue or green runs to hit, I kept driving to make it faster down to California. The drive through Oregon is really not always as interesting as someone would think.

Oregon is really not only lush and rain forest and can make a 10 hours drive really boring.

So here I am now in Sierra cement homeland where I will be skiing with Alexis for the next 2 weeks.
Hopefully, California is going a little bit more easy to ski! With more than 7 feet of snow last week, the conditions are certainly going to be great!


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