Wednesday, March 25, 2009

4 ski days in 6 days, 4751km, 9 states and 2 provinces

When we woked up at Heavenly, it was slightly raining, we figured it would be a good idea to head to Sugarbowl. Since this resort is located quite high, we thought it might be snowing.

It was winter time and we were`t able to see much! In some places, there was a bit more than 6 to 8in of wet Sierra cement deposited on top of some melt-freeze conditions. In some other places, it was just some melt-freeze conditions.

Since that new snow pushed the avy hazard, most of the really good terrain was closed. I really wished I can go back some time since the terrain I saw looked really good.

After a last high-class meal with Babiche (salties with ketchup, butter, hot water with honey, jam) I hitted the road overnight towards Utah to be able to bagged another day of skiing.

During a quick stop at BD store for some warranty issue, I realize that Alta was planning to put a lift on Flagstaff mountain ( That happen to be the place I was just planning to ski that days. It was a nice and warm bluebird day in Utah before taking off to hit the trailhead, I realize I had no more water... but I had some backup. I don't know why we never carry beer in the backcountry. It has as much energy than a granola bar, you can save the weight of your water bottle and I think it is just the best drink for spring skiing!!

After a quick shower at the Cliff Lodge (... sorry, but no time for the hot tub this time!), I took off to leave to go skiing in Colorado.

I've been able to pull off some passes to go skiing Aspen! So here I was skiing one of the most famous resort in NA. I wasn`t expecting much in terms of skiing since there is so many celebrity that hang out around there that I thought it would be mostly some blueish kind of runs.

I was SO wrong!!! Aspen happen to be an incredible skiing ground. There's everything from tight tree skiing to steep open bowl to everything in between... But for me, the coolest thing about Aspen is their open policy about letting skinning up on the runs to access the backcountry. I was amazed that Aspen was more cool about skinning up on their runs than Whitewater...

I spend all day skiing both Ajax and Aspen Highlands. They both have some really good runs. I think my favorite was Highlands with his big bowl. After letting you been towed by the cat, you can access the peak after a short 15-20min hike. From there, you can either ski back down in the resort or keep hiking to access directly the backcountry. Unfortunately, I had left my avy gear in my car, so I dropped back in the resort.

At the end of my day, I realize their was an Avalanche Awareness going on in Aspen that night I figured it would be nice to walk around that town that literally has more art gallery that ski shops... Actually, their is a lot of stuff to do in Aspen until the end of the season. If you want to visit the best place for free coffee/ granola bars/muffins, it really worth checking it out!

Bud Light Big Air Fridays Snowmass March 20, 27
Core Party featuring Rusted Root Downtown Aspen March 20
Fallen Friends Memorial Event Aspen Highlands March 2110th
Annual KickAspen Big Air Aspen Mountain March 21
Crocs Terrain Park Boot Camp Snowmass March 21, 22
Bud Light Hi-Fi Concert Series featuring Sam Bush Snowmass March 22
Bud Light Hi-Fi Concert Series featuring Ratatat Aspen Mountain March 27
Crocs Terrain Park Boot Camp Snowmass March 28, 29
Red Bull Schnee Tag Snowmass March 28
Helly Hansen Battle in the Bowls Aspen Highlands March 29

After the really interesting avalanche awareness, I drove to Copper Mtn. I skied there with Christian, a friend of mine that invited me at is place to check it out. Copper was nice and warm and I had the chance to make my last turns into some nice and slushy moguls facing the south.

After a quick overnight stop to visit one of my cousin in Denver, I started driving East to travel the little bit more than 3000km that separated me from Qc.

Since my car doesn't have a cruise control, I took the time, while driving the Colorado prairies to set one up with my camera tripod. It took me about 2 hours to finally having one set up that worked great.

I then pushed the limit of multitasking in Nebraska by being able to drive, eat, and read one issue of ( and two issues of Offpiste (

After 20 hours of driving and 3 gas-stop (not that interesting considering their marketing...), I crashed near Detroit.

A quick 3 hours nap had put me back on the track to hit the last part of my trip. The equally boring Ontario needed me to read two issues of Powder ( to not fall asleep.

I finally arrived in Montreal to get some beers with some friends. At 4AM, I was quite done...

So here I am home and after one day of work, I cannot take off from my head the lyrics from Led Zeppelin's song that started just as I was entering my hometown, Dream on.

Dream on, dream on, dream on, dream until your dreams come true...

Thanks for reading me again this year and hopefully, I will be back entertaining you again next winter!

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Thanks for good entertainment. I did my keen this winter and your blog was really uplifting.
Greetings from Poland