Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Powdery Sierra Cement

We started our California trip in Lake Tahoe.

Since Sierra-at-Tahoe has a new inbound slackcountry bowl, we figured it would be a great place to check out since more than 7 feet of snow has hitten the resort last week.

And it was good!!!! The cement was far from being unpleasant!

We stayed around Huckleberry Canyon for two days enjoying the untouched powder left by so many skiers! We couldn't believe that no one was skiing that snow!

Weirdly enough, it was really crowded on saturday, but still no one in the canyon...

I think Sierra is THE place to ski in South Tahoe during and after a storm.

After two days at Sierra, we headed to do some backcountry.

Babiche had some classic that he wanted to show me. We firstly checked Mt. Tallac north face and its stunning view of Lake Tahoe.
The snow was still nice and soft and according to Babiche, some of the best snow he has seen in California in 2 years!

Today, we went out to ski Crescent Moon couloir of Carslon Pass.

The wind was hauling!!! ...and the snow was really firm, making any fall followed by a slide of uncertain length...

We are now in South Lake Tahoe thinking about driving down towards Tioga Pass and Bishop.

Your Chef...

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justin said...

Looks like you've been getting some good turns in!