Friday, January 11, 2008

Traversée du Canada et ROGER!

Here we are... after a false start due to New Year's Eve Party, we leaved towards west. Crossing Ontario was long and boring in the past year, but fortunately we had Lucile (the hawaiian girl) to keep us entertained.

Then there were the Prairies...

And finally we arrived in Banff, 48 hours later (including a 8 hours night of sleep)... drinking a few victory beers.

Talking with a friend from Canmore, we decided to go straight to Roger's Pass and start hiking to get some good skiing: about 2-3 meter snowpack, steep line of 1000m vertical meters, fresh snow everyday and a bunch of pillows to jump!

Jean-Francois got used to jumping... and we gave him 9.8/10 for the landing!

In the next days we hike more... seeing some gorgious landscape and skiing more good stuff (Grizzly Shoulder, Avalanche Crest, Mount Shifton, Cheops Glade and Mount McGill)!

We continue to live in our car... sleeping next to it, drying our stuff in it and eating in it!!!

So that was the first week of the trip and we are satisfy with our snow chase so far. We will keep on the hard work... stay tuned for more!


mbonds said...

je capote, je suis jaloux, j'arrive

jimb said...

trop bon la petite bdr dans le cup holder