Sunday, January 2, 2011

World ski tour 2011

I'm back again for another winter full of adventures and powder turns!!!

Winter has taken some time to settle in Quebec. While Western Canada and USA were getting hammered by one of the best start ever, we were getting hitted by major rainfall. My training for the season has started quite soon as I was quite motivated by the upcoming season. It included the typical bedroom training and hiking my local mountain, Mont-Sainte-Anne.

I also did my yearly pilmgrinage to the Santa Claus day at Le Massif where, one day a year about a thousand of people gather dress as Santa to fund Dr Clown foundation.
I have also been fairly buzy writing article this fall and getting some of my story published.

I am also quite glad to have been able to hook up sponsor by Outdoor Research, Scarpa, Gregory, Leki, Darn Tough and IO-Bio.
This winter is going not to feature a winter long roadtrip but a winter long journey around the world.

First stop: Japan!

Even if la Nina brough a crazy good start to North America, canned coffee, ramen soup, heated toilet seat and cheap sushi has brought me back on the island. I will stay in Japan until the 21st. I will then fly back home to Montreal to catch up with my Dad for a 4 weeks trip to India where we will go skiing in Gulmarg. On my way back, I will stop in Eastern Europe, where I will be joined by my friends for 2 weeks and by Amelie for another 2 weeks.

We landed on the 30th after having to change flights because New York airport was disfunctionnal because of a snowstorm. 15 hours after we left Montreal, we finally arrived in Tokyo, where Amelie and I were to spend New Year.

After wandering around the city and enjoying what really looked like an asleep giant, we move towards Zojoji Temple where a celebration was held to celebrate the end of 2010. It was not the biggest thrill ever to witness 3000 balloons fliying off, but still quite nice to live. We didn't party much since we were quite tired and jetlagged from our trip.
On the New Year, we travelled to Hokkaido and then to Niseko.
I was quite happy to meet with Clayton again at the Black Diamond Lodge. He is the only one able to get me a van in Japan at a decent price! Since the car we were to use was not ready, he let us stay in a nice cozy cabin next to his main lodge.
Unfortunately for us, the snowbanks looked hard and much smaller than what we expected. From last year experience, there is about a meter less snow on the ground.

The conditions were not that hard, but we can definitively use more snow!

There is some snow in the forecast in a few days so hopefully, it will be dump up to Hokkaido's reputation!   
Beginning the 6th winter of Snowchasing!


Terophoto said...

Okaerinasai. Enjoy your stay in Japan and hopefully it's gonna be dumping soon!

MadPatSki said...


Je vais explorer votre blogue en profondeur. Le Japon est sur ma 'wish-list' de destinations futures.

May the Pow be with you.