Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Original Five back together!

Two years ago, after being done with school, five of us left Quebec for a winter of skiing in British Columbia. Some of us now have real job and some of us are back to school... but still, we were able to meet for a week of skiing! So here are the Original Five back together: Babiche, JS, Amélie, Nick and Evans (from left to right)!

JS, Nick and Amélie drove from Vancouver (after flying from Quebec) overnight to meet us at Kootenay Pass. They woke us up at 7am with a big WAZZUUUPPP, their traditional enthusiasm and a pack of beer... perfect to start our day of heavy work: carrying 4 days of food and booze to Ripple ridge cabin! Of course we got a few laps of good skiing on the first day after the short climb to the cabin (200m, about 45min)...

The one great thing with having friends is that we somewhat deviate from our traditional meal (bread and peanut butter for breakfast, granola bars for lunch and spaghetti for diner) and got some GOOD food... JS is particularly creative and brought some homemade chili, eggs and bacon, nanaimo bars and more!!!! I did my part cooking (Don't forget kids: Always wear your kneepads while cooking!) some french toasts with REAL maple syrup (thanks Dad!)... the sugar rush was hard to overcome but it was totally worth it! :-)

More good skiing on that second day... good snow and good lines even under "aille, aille, aille" (high, high, high) avalanche conditions!

Coming back to the hut we were surprised with a group of 13 persons... I guess that is what you can expect when the cabin use the "first come first serve basis" reservations system! Three of them left cause we were too much, but we were still about 15 in the cabin... being fully winterized (it wasn't that cold) we cooked and chilled out on the porch before going to bed in the cabin that usually fit about 6-8 persons.

Next morning we had "McMuffins" for breakfast... sorry, we had to publish that picture! :-) Wait until you see it on the side of a highway !!!

A short day of skiing, we checked the weather forecast in Nelson and left for Roger's Pass: a must see for our friends! Roger was happy to welcome us back as you can see on the following picture...

And not only with smiley face but also with great snow, pillows, trees and steep lines!

We skied Grizzly Shoulder, Puff Daddy, Teddy Bear trees and some other lines... if you need more info on these the best way is just to show up in Roger's Pass with your gear; the Information Centre has helpful staff, guidebooks and aerial pictures!

Interestingly, during our stay at Roger's Pass we meet the Snow Puncher's: the army crew that bomb the pass to keep it safes from avalanches. We shared a few beers, they show us their equipment and a few video of their training!

Today, we drove down to Revelstoke to have a last beer and burgers with the boys (Nic and JS) that have to drive back to their day-to-day live and leave us to our powder-after-powder live.

Good luck on monday morning guys!!!


Paul C said...

Nice, Alexis! Looks simply incredible.
What I'm wondering is: inside the cabin, how the heck did you take that top-view photo from so high up??

Alexis Lussier Desbiens said...

From the second floor of the cabin, using a wide angle lens!